Leadership Team

  • Matteo Giudici CEO MESA
  • Matteo Giudici

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Matteo founded MESA in 2005, but this is just the beginning. Over the years he has served as President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Liguria and Director of its national magazine "QualeImpresa" . He has served as a professor of Business Strategy at the University. He is the CEO of MESA, ProComp and OverNet.

  • Maurizio Dardi Chief Financial Officer MESA
  • Maurizio Dardi

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Maurizio has a broad business experience in numerous projects, serving as President or General Manager. He joins MESA as Partner in 2015 where, after holding the role of Consulting Area Director of MESA Consulting, he became Chief Financial Officer of the Group.

  • Alessandro Gaudino MESA CTO
  • Alessandro Gaudino

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Alessandro Gaudino can be described in two words: innovation and sport. Innovation led him to found MESA in 2005, the second one led him to win big challenges. In MESA, he is responsible for the Innovation Lab and product development. What he loves about his work is the opportunity to produce innovative technologies to solve real problems.

  • Lorenzo Basso. Chief Strategy Officer MESA
  • Lorenzo Basso

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Lorenzo has always been committed both professionally and socially. He is one of the founders of MESA. He has been President of the Commission for Productive Activities of Liguria, Member of Parliament of the Republic, creator and speaker of the Italian strategy on "Industry 4.0". In MESA Group he is responsible for Strategic Marketing, Sustainability and Strategy. He is Chairman of OverNet.

  • Sara Burnengo, Compliance & Internal Audit Manager MESA
  • Sara Burnengo

  • Compliance & Internal Audit Manager
  • Sara is in MESA since the very beginning, and she knows the company and its processes by heart. In 2021 she is appointed Group Compliance & Internal Audit Manager to guarantee Clients the highest methodological, operational and control standards required by voluntary standards and mandatory laws.

  • Paolo Vecchi, Chief Revenue Officer MESA
  • Paolo Vecchi

  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Paolo has over 25 years of international experience in global management and business development. After many years of experience in London for companies including Gartner and ITC, he joined the MESA Group team in 2020 to develop non-traditional, tailored and unique solutions to meet Client needs.

  • Fabiana Basso, Human Resources Manager MESA
  • Fabiana Basso

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Fabiana has been working in Human Resources for 20 years. She was trainer and consultant in realities such as RINA Group and Dgs Spa. In MESA since 2017, her mission is to make engaging, exciting, profitable and inclusive the professional and human experience of each employee within a growing team.

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