Universities and Research centers

We founded MESA on a university campus knowing that to be a leader in the world of technological innovation, you must always be connected to universities and research centers, a key asset in any innovation strategy.

University of Genoa

We collaborate with the University of Genoa on various technological innovation projects and participate with the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa in R&D projects in different fields.

University of Milan Bicocca

We support the Master in Sustainability in Law, Finance and Management at the University of Milan Bicocca by providing our technology platforms. 


We assist the Istituto italiano di tecnologia in the editing of contents for the scientific magazine IIT OPEN TALK

Associations and organizations

We have always wanted to create value not only for us and our customers but also for the territory and society. For this reason, we work with associations and organizations consistent with our entrepreneurial spirit and our values.

Alleanza generatività sociale

We are part of “Alleanza per la generatività sociale” promoted by the Catholic University of Milan for the regeneration of the social, institutional and productive fabric.

Atelier dell'impresa ibrida

We are partner of “Atelier dell’impresa ibrida”, a project of cultural dissemination and formative experimentation for entrepreneurs and managers of the social sector.


We adhere to the Confindustria network with the aim of contributing to the growth of member companies and the development of the territory.


We are member of Assintel, the national association of ICT and Digital companies of Confcommercio, in the front line for the development of the digital culture of the country.

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