Cybersecurity: what to do after a security breach? OverNet & Microsoft Webinar

Poster of the cybersecurity webinar What to do after a security breach

How to prevent and deal with a cyber attack and define a recovery plan?
On Monday 4 October 2021 from 11 am - 12 pm OverNet and Microsoft are organizing the webinar Cybersecurity: what to do after a security breach.

Prevention from cyber threats, use of detection tools and post-attack recovery activities are topics that will be covered by industry experts such as:

  • Carlo Mauceli, CTO Microsoft
  • Michele Sensalari, CTO OverNet
  • Simone De Bellis, CISO RINA.

De Bellis will bring to the "virtual stage" his own business case.

Increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks require a proactive system

In the last two years, along with rapid growth in Digital Transformation and the use of Smart Working infrastructures, there has been an exponential growth in cyber attacks.

Between July 2020 and July 2021, Microsoft security experts noted a 121% increase in ransomware attacks, which are attacks that aim to distribute malware within the infrastructure in order to encrypt data and demand a ransom to restore it (and unfortunately, despite payment, the ransom for the data breach does not always happen).

It is therefore increasingly important to redesign the concept of IT security not only with protection activities but also, and above all, with activities of detection of cyber attacks and response to them in manual or automatic mode.

Prevention, detection and response will be the topic of the OverNet and Microsoft cybersecurity webinar

In the OverNet-Microsoft cybersecurity webinar, with the support of a real-life case study, we'll see how:

  • prevent and detect cyber threats;
  • proactively define a plan and sequence of activities to be carried out in the event of a cyberattack;
  • safely restore your infrastructure as safely as possible and get it back up and running.