MESA among the protagonists at the Salone della CSR e dell'innovazione sociale

MESA among the protagonists at the Salone della CSR e dell'innovazione sociale

The 10th edition of the Salone della CSR e dell'innovazione sociale will take place on 3,4,5 October at the Università Bocconi: it will be the must-go appointment for those who consider sustainability as an irreplaceable value.

And MESA will be there!

MESA has a starring role in this edition. The theme is sustainable connections, and we’re really excited to meet other leading companies to share our thoughts on sustainability and sustainable technological innovations.

At MESA, we have a belief: digital and technology are the keys to unlock the future. The sustainable revolution and the digital revolution must travel together and only in this way can companies achieve their governance and sustainability goals.

Now more than ever, there is no choice, but only one way to ensure long-term value growth: operating according to a sustainable strategy, establishing, maintaining and improving trusting relationships with main stakeholders.

MESA will attend the following panels

Digital transformation and ecological transition

October 4th, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Sustainability is becoming a key factor also in the change process toward digital transformation. Corporate sustainability is not only about making easier and improving business management through technological innovation, but also about enabling more and more people toward a more inclusive prospective able to create value for all.

Sustainable strategies in the world of utilities

October 5th, from 12:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

In recent years, many utilities have been leaders in the ecological transition and pioneers of change: they have invested in digitizing processes and enabling services, with the aim of simplifying the relationship with customers. In this way they have acquired an increasingly central role in shaping the environmental policies of territories to create strong relationships with local communities.

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IMPACT in the CSR Gallery 2022

MESA has been selected to showcase IMPACT in the CSR Gallery 2022, the digital exhibition of concrete case studies related to the theme "Sustainable Connections".
We have decided to talk about the important project launched in 2021 to digitize the Stakeholder Management process of Gruppo CAP, manager of the Integrated Water Service of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Employees, users, communities, suppliers, partners, partnerships: Gruppo CAP has many stakeholders and therefore needed to improve their involvement, creating stronger connections with them. Listening, dialogue and taking on their needs are the right things to do to design industrial strategies.

To realize this vision, Gruppo CAP chose IMPACT, our platform that manages all areas related to corporate sustainability.

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