MESA at the Richmond Finance Director Forum 2022

Exhibitor of finance products meet CFO at Richmond Finance Director Forum

The Richmond Finance Director Forum, a prestigious and important event organized by Richmond Italia will be held from 18th to 20th September.
It will bring together CFOs and representatives of companies that offer services or products for the administrative and financial sector.
As the last few years, MESA will attend the event to grow its professional network and bring to the attention of CFOs the new features and innovations of MESA integrated platform, based on ready and easy to use technologies.
In addition to the MESA platform, one of the solutions that will be presented during the event is ANALITICA, the proprietary tool that provides a new way of working to the finance team.

MESA, the integrated technology platform for Finance, ESG, GRC, Cybersecurity and Employee Engagement

MESA is the integrated platform consisting of specialistic products - Finance, ESG, GRC, Cybersecurity and Employee Engagement - for different stakeholders that share compliance to regulatory and reporting requirements.

Thanks to its modularity, MESA manages environment and social performances, ensures compliance, minimizes risks and improves business value creation by managing all GRC issues in a dynamic and integrated way, with a specific focus on risk management processes, making easier the production of integrated financial statements.

ANALITICA simplifies the planning and consolidation activities without abandoning Excel

Our tool simplifies the planning and consolidation activities without abandoning Excel thanks to its integration with Microsoft technologies.
It also enables dynamic simulations in real time through the integration with Power BI.

Some use cases

  • Sales force can show buyers, with just a few clicks, how their margin varies in certain situations.
  • The purchasing department can evaluate its choices based on changes in the cost of materials, such as raw materials like gas and electricity, with quick "what if" analyses.
  • “Shall we keep one or more stores open at certain times or periods?” Find quickly the most efficient scenario.

For more information: contact us or request a Software Planning & Consolidation demo.

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