MESA COPILOT: generative artificial intelligence for sustainability and compliance


The new Generative AI engine developed by MESA is now available on the market, starting today. This engine will revolutionize the way companies tackle sustainability, compliance, and integrated reporting challenges.

MESA COPILOT is the latest Generative AI engine, the result of an exceptional integration between Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Chat GPT, and MESA's bold vision for digital transformation. MESA is a leading innovator in the world of technology, specializing in innovative solutions for corporate process governance. MESA is also among the pioneering partners in Microsoft Italy's A.I. L.A.B. initiative, which promotes responsible deployment of generative AI in the country.

In a continuously evolving corporate landscape characterized by growing complexities in ESG and GRC processes, MESA COPILOT is designed to meet the increasing operational needs of companies. It streamlines processes and allows businesses to allocate more resources to crucial and strategic tasks.

Some of MESA COPILOT's key features include automatic generation of sustainability reports, accelerated data processing at all stages, simplified report creation according to various rating agencies' standards, intelligent and real-time risk assessment, policy learning tests for corporate policies, and chatbots to assist employees in resolving compliance and policy-related inquiries. These features embody MESA COPILOT's clear mission: unleashing the exponential potential of businesses through generative artificial intelligence as a driver of digital transformation.

The growing regulatory pressure in terms of sustainability and compliance, along with the proliferation of data sources and stakeholders, has significantly increased the volume of data that companies must handle daily. MESA COPILOT provides sustainability, compliance, and finance teams with a new tool to effortlessly retrieve data, process content, and gain valuable insights. This innovative approach reduces the need for manual data entry and analysis, enabling users to focus exclusively on strategic decisions.

Matteo Giudici

“Generative artificial intelligence has opened new possibilities, and it is essential to ride the wave of change today to avoid being unprepared tomorrow. Starting from our clients' needs, we have developed future-oriented products with them, products that stand for quality, efficiency, and security. The key is to integrate and personalize Generative AI into your corporate processes, shape it around them, make it safe and high-performing, calibrated and exclusive. This is the difference between using online tools and developing an integrated Generative AI model, and with these goals in mind, MESA COPILOT was created.”

As highlighted in the report presented by Microsoft Italy and The European House - Ambrosetti, at least 1 in 2 companies has used a Generative AI tool in recent months, with over 70% expressing satisfaction in terms of information collection, virtual assistance, and process efficiency. Therefore, it is clear that the crucial point today is no longer whether companies will use generative artificial intelligence, but how they will do so and according to which criteria and requirements.

Vincenzo Esposito

CEO of Microsoft Italy
“We firmly believe that Italian organizations can benefit greatly from generative AI. If adopted extensively, it can have a significant impact on the entire country, estimated at +18% of the annual GDP, which is equivalent to the economic output of a second Lombardy, to give a practical example. This is an opportunity that our country cannot afford to miss to foster growth and competitiveness. As Microsoft, alongside our partner ecosystem, we stand with companies to guide them toward change through initiatives like AI L.A.B. Our collaboration with MESA is another piece of the puzzle to accelerate in this direction”.

Simplifying data collection and regulatory compliance, speeding up the manual compilation of data that demands substantial quantitative effort, and developing organizations with a strong value framework around the complex landscape of environmental, social, and governance policies, risks, and procedures are the challenges that MESA has undertaken alongside companies. In the era of digital transformation, these challenges can only translate into opportunities.

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