WPC Zero Trust Security DAY: the most important Italian conference on Microsoft technologies returns on April 12th

 WPC Zero Trust Security DAY event poster

"Never trust, always verify" is the core idea behind the first WPC DAY in 2022.
WPC, an event organized by OverNet for over 25 years, is back again this year and is immediately tackling a constantly evolving topic: enterprise IT security.

Microsoft Zero Trust Security

So, what’s new?

Zero Trust Security, Microsoft's sophisticated security model, introduces a reactive and, especially, proactive protection mode, implementing the concepts of protection, detection and response.

Experts and MVPs will show at WPC DAY the Microsoft tools for Zero Trust Security

What happens on April 12th? Our speaker, expert, practitioners and MVPs will showcase all the Microsoft on premise and cloud tools that help protect identities, devices, data and applications.

  • Carlo Mauceli, Microsoft CTO, joins the event as a keynote speaker
  • Marco Gualdoni, Microsoft Cybersecurity Senior Architect, and Aldo Di Somma, Microsoft Senior Architect, will talk about "Active Directory Hardening: protecting strategic workloads"
  • Michele Sensalari, OverNet CTO and Microsoft MVP, and Davide Salsi, from 4wardPRO and Microsoft MVP, will show the audience how to "Protect and defend identities and endpoints with Microsoft 365"
  • Francesco Manca, Microsoft Technical Sales Security & Compliance, will give a speech about: "Zero Trust, why categorize information and operationalize your data governance strategy"
  • Gabriele Galli and Serena Pisati, Microsoft Modern Work Solution Specialist, will discuss about: "The holistic approach of the Microsoft 365 platform: overview of services and licensing"
  • Riccardo Corna, IT Specialist from Microsys , and Marco Moioli, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, will speak on "Zero Trust Security guidelines for your applications"
  • Francesco Molfese and Daniele Grandini, from 4wardPRO and Microsoft MVPS, will give a speech on "Azure Networking: security services for a Zero-trust approach"
  • Vito Francavilla, Microsoft Senior Customer Engineer Azure Security, an Edoardo Garofano, Microsoft Security Customer Engineer, will talk about "Microsoft Defender (not only) for Cloud - Unified and integrated protection for every workload"
  • Antonio Formato and Giuseppe Di Pasquale, Microsoft Security and Compliance Technical Specialists, will call it a day with "All in-SIEM-e with Microsoft Sentinel and RiskIQ"

WPC Zero Trust Security DAY will be chaired by Marco Maria Lorusso, journalist and tech blogger.

How the Zero Trust Security model works?

The powerful potential of the Zero Trust strategy comes from a detailed analysis of the last two years: additional requirements and even more pressing needs have come to light.

Zero Trust model is based on five core principles:

  1. improve user experience and productivity;
  2. be able to protect all digital assets;
  3. integrate verification and security controls;
  4. implement the security strategy with enhanced governance;
  5. introduce automated processes to simplify and strengthen the enterprise security framework.

Register now for WPC Zero Trust Security DAY, the most anticipated technology event of the year!

The WPC Zero Trust Security DAY will be held on Tuesday, April 12, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and will be completely free and online.

We look forward to seeing you there! Sign up for the first event of our WPC DAYS, OverNet's conference on the most important Microsoft technologies!

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