MESA4STEM, Romina Fiorenza professor of JAVA: no more gender stereotypes, women are definitely capable of excelling in science

MESA4STEM, interview with Romina Fiorenza professor of JAVA

"Male teachers are good until proven otherwise; female teachers are incapable until proven otherwise".
With these words, Romina Fiorenza - teacher of JAVA courses in OverNet -, gives us a strong and enlightening message: prejudices against women in scientific subjects are well rooted in society.

But her testimony for our campaign #MESA4STEM is a step forward to fill the gender gap in this area.

Romina Fiorenza started with a degree with honors in Mathematics in Naples and acquired high-level technological skills.

MESA4STEM, the value of being women and an Oracle trainer: Paola Sonetto

MESA4STEM, the value of being women and an Oracle trainer: an interview with Paola Sonetto

"Being a female Oracle trainer in a male-dominated environment means having to prove yourself twice instead of once".

Paola Sonetto, OverNet trainer of Oracle classes, has joined our campaign #MESA4STEM and she believes in our commitment to bridge the gender gap in scientific area: there is a staggeringly low presence of women and it’s a huge problem.

She graduated in Information Science, with a focus on management, and she became a professional consultant with a strong grasp of IT.
HTML, SQL, Angular and JAVA: these are just some of her skills.

MESA4STEM: space for talent and added value of our Junior Analyst girls

MESA4STEM: space for talent and added value of Silvia Montante, Junior Analyast

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, held on February 11th, has passed...

But our support to women doesn’t stop!

The #MESA4STEM campaign is an initiative created by the MESA Group - MESA, PROCOMP, OVERNET and MEVB - with the aim of overturning stereotypes and propose expert role models in the field.

Today, it is Silvia Montante, our Junior Analys, to take the floor!

MESA4STEM: an interview with Cristina Fallarini, OverNet trainer in software engineering

Women and STEM: an interview with Cristina Fallarini, OverNet trainer in software engineering

"The world is STEM: women and girls can take part in this process with their point of view".
These are the words of Cristina Fallarini, one of the OverNet teachers who shared with us her experience as role model for the campaign #MESA4STEM.

Cristina Fallarini, graduated in Computer Science, is an expert of Agile approach, Scrum model, programming languages, SQL and ITIL Foundation.

She has been a OverNet trainer since 2008 and teaches Software Engineering, a course that gives the required skills to increase software quality with specific techniques from software engineering.

MESA4STEM, women and girls in STEM: the value of ours Junior Analysts

Female empowerment: interview with Giulia, Digital Transformation Analyst at MESA

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science takes place on February 11th and it was establshed by the United Nations Assembly. This event aims to create awareness about the underappreciated role that women and girls have in STEM fields.
MESA Group - MESA, PROCOMP, OVERNET and MEVB - is committed to promoting female empowering and women professionally self-realization.

In order to achieve equal access, we want to offer role model and an innovative point of view towards girls’ presence in STEM. So, we share with you the experiences of Giulia Hadjiandrea and Silvia Montante: they’ll tell us about their experience as Junior Analyst and Digital Transformation Analyst in MESA.

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