MESA4STEM, Romina Fiorenza professor of JAVA: no more gender stereotypes, women are definitely capable of excelling in science

MESA4STEM, interview with Romina Fiorenza professor of JAVA

"Male teachers are good until proven otherwise; female teachers are incapable until proven otherwise".
With these words, Romina Fiorenza - teacher of JAVA courses in OverNet -, gives us a strong and enlightening message: prejudices against women in scientific subjects are well rooted in society.

But her testimony for our campaign #MESA4STEM is a step forward to fill the gender gap in this area.

Romina Fiorenza started with a degree with honors in Mathematics in Naples and acquired high-level technological skills.

Since 2009, she is an OverNet trainer, with a particular interest in JAVA software platform.


MESA Group - MESA, OVERNET, PROCOMP, MEVB - has organized this project for one simple goal: enhance female role models and inspire girls to choose STEM careers. All together we can fight the prejudices they may face.

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