Our platform: MESA

Thanks to significant investments in R&D by our engineers, combined with our consultants' decades of knowledge of business processes, we have developed within the MESA Group's Innovation Lab

MESA - Your Digital Transformation

the innovative technology that simplifies business and enables the digital transformation.

MESA technology

Our solutions


Managing corporate sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity.... How to do it?
With IMPACT innovative, structured and GRI-certified technology!


How to involve your employees on compliance issues? With PROCOMP, the GRC & Legal technology developed around the people who will use it. It manages the entire Governance, Risk & compliance Life Cycle in an integrated way.


Create "engagement" and manage documentation and content in a smart and automated way to support the business population, even in emergency situations, where tightness and continuity are needed... How? With our ENGAGE platform!


ANALITICA is our planning & consolidation solution that allows you to boost company performance thanks to an efficient coordination of resources and the ability to easily identify the sources of profitability to focus on and the costs to reduce.


DEFENCE is the platform that supports the identification, evaluation, monitoring and control of the organization's IT risks, in a complete, integrated and customizable way, ensuring compliance with the highest standards in use.


Growing beyond the space is the promise we make and keep with our innovative engagement tools. SKILLS allows to support synchronous-asynchronous blended learning through a guided, dynamic and personalized study path.


Don't be caught unprepared by an unexpected event. OPTIMIZE is our solution that, thanks to simulation, optimizes the operation of processes and products and allows you to react promptly by providing the right suggestion to the right person.

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