WPC DAYS: a new digital experience

Wpc Days 2021 - First meeting on 28th April, about Collaboration and Security

WPC returns! The most important conference organized by OverNet on Microsoft development and system technologies is back again but in a particularly innovative way!

Obviously, it became clear that a physical gathering would be impossible, but since OverNet has become part of the MESA Group, a company synonymous with innovation, we have decided to make the most of the potential of the digital technology by creating a revolutionary new experience: the WPC DAYS!

The WPC DAYS are a series of virtual meetings on different topics each day.

Let’s start!

WPC DAY 1: Collaboration and security

The first event, which will keep WPC's high-quality standards and will be completely free of charge, will be held on 28 April and will address the hot topics of this moment: collaboration and security.

We have invited as speaker some of the best specialists on this topic and special guests who will talk about collaboration tools in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, identity and device protection, data protection and compliance.

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